Thursday, May 28, 2009

Four Months today -

We lost our Sweet Ruth Girl four months today. It seems so surreal. Smiles, at the thought of her and the joy she brought us, has now replaced the tears. I will tend to her graveside, along with Sara's and Sadie's, this afternoon. Bud mowed the orchard's perimeter, I'll finish, then will hand edge around our girls' handcrafted headstones. Then everything will be nice and spiffy.

It's interesting how Ruth had some personality traits that neither Sara, Sadie, or Beth has/had, but Anna, who entered our lives after Ruth, now shares:
  • While standing, she hikes her back leg whenever we are scratching her tummy so we can also better scratch inside her leg.
  • She chases (and catches) flying bugs
  • "Bites" at water rather than simply drinking it
  • She bites at the trees when she's trying to get to a runaway cat
  • Rather than merely jumping down off the porch, she gracefully flies off, looking forward or up.
Anyway.... today will be a good day. Each day does get better. I knew it would with time. Time is a healer.
Thank God.

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