Thursday, May 21, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

I am working on my attitude adjustment. It's hard. I need to get back working on my 2009 goals. Some I've maintained and/or improved successfully. Most of all I need self-discipline, strength of mind. For example, to post here and on my other blog on a regular basis!

I'm in the process of reading, Candace Haven's Charmed & Dangerous. It's a different approach, one I've never read before - it's more like a diary written in 1st person - and has taken me a while to really get into. I've spent some time on Amazon, using their "Look Inside" feature, reading passages from different authors, researching and learning more about writing styles. It's been a very informative process.

I've finished two major projects for Christmas gifts, working on the third one now. The next time in Dallas, I need to pick up the fourth color needed for the final one. The Wal-Mart in town sucks when it comes to a selection. I've tried, but just can't seem to master knitting. I enjoy crocheting while watching TV in the evenings. I can't just sit there and watch shows without doing something with my hands. Several other gifts are made and in the drawer, waiting for the gift wrapping paper!

Gosh, the stock market dipping really gets to me. Because of the low bottom interest rates, we don't want to spend the capital savings so we don't have the interest to complete the house renoviations. I use part of the capital for stock purchases, for what that's worth! It's a vicious cycle making it hard to keep motivated around here to do anything, since we can't finish anything! I know it will work itself out and I need patience!

Saw a shooting star this morning... made a bundle of wishes upon it! Mainly hoping/wishing to help me with my attitude adjustment!

The other day I reflected how this year to date has really screwed with my mental state... January, with Ruth getting sick and leaving us, then February and March dealing with our loss and a itty bitty puppy. April, and now May, things are getting better. I'm not crying anymore at a drop of a hat. Anna doesn't need eyes on 24/7. Which is a good thing. I keep waiting for the time I can get 7 hours (in a row!) of sleep, life will be grand again!

I am so thankful for what and who I do have in my life. I am blessed.

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