Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Rain!

It started yesterday and was over sometime during the night and throughout this time we received 4.7" of blessed rain! The forecast has 70% chance for more tonight, but the radar doesn't show anything coming anywhere close to us.

The powers-that-be has given us a 80% chance tomorrow... we'll see.

Nothing new going on around here... Anna is getting better about not having to have eyes on 100% of her awake time! Especially today since the weather's turned cold (38) and the heater clicks on / off ... we know exactly where she is when the wall heater clicks on!
This is just one area that she's had to learn "that's not yours" and she's just about got it down... she does bring her toys very close and we do watch her carefully, redirecting her away from this area!
I processed and posted a few more pictures of Anna, and of Beth, and the two playing together nicely.

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