Friday, January 9, 2009

Generally productive

I completed another '09 Christmas gift yesterday and have started two more! One is computer based... collecting thoughts and jotting them down... the other is a yarn project. It seems that January is a good month for me to do these things. I am still filled with the spirit of giving and we have days it's too cold to do much of anything else.

Bud repaired the flagpole and we got it back up! The Marine Corps flag is flying!!! When we get another set of attachments we will fly both US and Corps flag. That will be an awesome sight!

Bud also worked on the wooden crochet hook handles for me! I tested one out last night before he glued the shortened hook in the drilled hole. Only minor sanding adjustments are needed before they will fit my hand perfectly! Already I can tell what a difference to my hand/fingers the thick wooden handle will bring!

I am so blessed that he has changed, modified, and constructed so many things around here to help me deal with the Rheumatoid Arthritis. He is always showing me how to utilize tools ... such as a screwdriver to open those new pop off vegetable can lids... or like to use a can to roll over the tube of toothpaste to squish the remaining paste toward the end... so many things we take for granted until our hands don't work right anymore!

Well, the status toward my organizing/cleaning/de-cluttering: I am still working on the bathroom. I will finish today! I trashed bottles and bottles of vitamins and supplements I bought YEARS ago and put away in a plastic tub to "organize" but, because they were out of sight, they were also out of mind.

NOTE: Just because something is not used in the last several months or even a year, it cannot be my test to trash or keep. Because living out in the country, some things are needed to keep on hand "just in case" and I can't get rid of them!

Things in the bathroom are looking much nicer... it's not Martha Stewart... but it's much better than what it was!

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