Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ruth feels poorly

Yesterday evening we noticed Ruth not acting as perky as usual. Every now and then she would be her normal self. She even played with Beth on several occasions.

This morning, she is the same. When we went outside, she took care of business then came back on the porch and stood next to me with head cast down until Beth and I were ready to go back inside. She seems dizzy. She won't get up on the couch. I put out a blankie near me, but she selected her other "safe" place, underneath Bud's desk. Before she settled in, I gave her an 81 mg aspirin covered in peanut butter. It was after she eagerly cleaned off my finger that she went underneath his desk. She has not stirred since. Hopefully, she'll feel better by the time Bud wakes up.

Bud just came into the living room and Ruth greeted him, along with Beth. After getting bunches of scratches and loving from us both, and encouragment from her Daddy, Ruth got up on the couch. Still she seems like she's dizzy.

I know, she's 10 years and 5 months old, longer living than either Sara or Sadie. She's a trooper and my prayers are filled with her getting better soon because my heart is not ready to let her go.

UPDATE: Ruth ate a good breakfast. She actually got up, went into the kitchen and watched as Daddy prepared their food. Afterwards, we all went outside and she found the perfect spot to potty. We are all back inside and I've turned up the heater and Ruth found her place in front of it to get warm! (It's not all that cold outside - 36 - but the wind chill factor most likely makes it about 28)

She still wobbles some while walking, keeping her head down for the most part, but she did eat good and has kept her food down. Several days ago, she did throw up an hour or so after eating and after she got a big drink of water. Yet, between then and now (last night) she was seemingly feeling okay.

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