Friday, January 2, 2009

Yesterday went well...

Yesterday, I started off very well working toward my goals.... (and today, too, I have my faced washed & make up on, dressed to my shoes (ready to field dress a deer).)

I baked Bud's favorite cake, Spice with Cream Cheese Icing. We had tv-dinner type stuffed cabbage rolls, because a very nice lady took the last head of cabbage (right before me!!!) from the bin at Walmart!!!! Anyway, it was probably much better than what I would have prepared from scratch! We also had the traditional blackeyed peas!

I did manage to pick up some things around here and put them in their proper place, or tossed into the trash can! I completed a crochet project for Christmas '09 and picked up a knit project I started months ago to work on for MIL's birthday gift.

So, today is another day to work on my goals. Being prepared is the tough one today.... but, I'll keep trucking along... I always do.

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