Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm really frustrated today, not to mention anxious. It's because of what's happening with the nation's economy... gggeeeezzzzzzzzzzz

Even Warren Buffet is getting upset... I'm sure he's lost much more than we have with the falling stock market. I heard Whoopi Goldberg on the View say how she's Mad as Hell getting taxed from all different directions. Both these folks supported BO, and they are getting exactly the Change both Rush & Sean predicted.

Anyhoo.... Bud crossed the cattle guard this morning... he's gone to the eye doctor in Killeen. Both Beth and Anna are napping. I'm trying to stay quiet so I won't wake up baby!

Earlier, I did get some of the dead undergrowth of rosemary trimmed/cut out. Anna was on the other side of the tree and didn't notice what I was doing (too busy chewing on a twig) until she walked around to my side and saw the big stack. She quickly jumped in and found the perfect one to carry off. That kept her busy for a while. She loves rosemary!

I weighed Anna last night... 10 pounds already!

Okay, Bud called and after his 1.5 hour (one way drive) his 2 minute eye test/appointment is over and he's heading to do our weekly shopping at Wal-Mart on the way home. And, the kitchen is almost cleaned up... had planned on baking him a cake while gone, but haven't done that.. may wait until tomorrow morning when he's gone taking baby to the Vet for her 2nd series of puppy shots.


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