Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lots of changes

It's been almost a month since my last post. I still get hit with feelings of overwhelming grief when I think about Ruth. It is so different without her quick kisses and playfulness and her sense of loving. My heavy heart weeps along with the tears that flow uncontrollably at times. I haven't brought myself to wash the blanket that covered Ruth that last morning. It still has her smell and I find comfort in burying my face in it and taking in a deep breath.

I know time will ease the pain... it always does.

After Ruth left us, I didn't want a new puppy, another one to eventually tear my heart apart. About a week or so later, the name "Anna" came to me one night while I slept. It took a day and a half for me to share with Bud that I wanted to start looking for her, I knew she was on this earth waiting for us to find her. I know my previous post talked about Anna... but I needed to write about the ending and beginning one more time.

We brought Anna home on February 11th. Born on January 3rd, she was a tiny little girl, but she grows leaps and bounds every day!
At first, Beth wasn't quite sure what to think of her, and we quickly remembered the 24/7 of care we hadn't experienced in over 9 1/2 years! Anna is learning quickly, she's a smart girl.

Anna was 2 months old yesterday! She received a red collar and a new toy - plastic teething keys made especially for puppies! She thoroughly enjoys playing with the keys, but scratches constantly at the collar! She is figuring out that she can't walk and scratch at the same time!

I have accomplished some things toward my 2009 goals. In time, I know I'll get back on schedule totally. I have managed to work on some Christmas projects while Anna sleeps at my feet, or in my lap, or in her daddy's armpit! She loves to crawl up in his lap and snuggle her face down in his jacket's sleeve... for now, that's her safe place.


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